About the Director

Randy Whorton


I’ve been married to Kris for 17 years which is not nearly long enough. We are both from  in and around Boulder, Colorado and have lived in the south since 1997 and Chattanooga since 2005. You couldn’t pay us enough to move back west, or anywhere else. I previously managed an environmental company focused on bringing more vegetation to city life, but most of my career was in high tech, managing and operating printed circuit board manufacturing in the US, Asia and Mexico.

I have been running trails and dirt roads fairly consistently for more than 30 years. I really don’t understand why runners would chose roads if they have trails available. More than the trail advantages of softer and uneven surfaces, the connection with nature adds an element to running that is unequaled. Also, long trail runs with friends adds an element of adventure that leads to long lasting friendships that few activities can equal.

Kris and I thought about starting a trail running club for more than a decade. Just about every city has a road running or track club, with little or no focus on the trails. Organizations with a focus on running, preserving, promoting and protecting trails are just not popular. I could never understand why. We wanted to change that in Chattanooga, perhaps the finest “trail” city on the planet.

There is so much focus in the typical running community on simply training and then running the next race. I believe that running on trails, in the woods, mountains, prairies, and deserts provides so much more than physical health. Trail running provides a perfect opportunity for people to get to know themselves on a level that few places or activities compare.

Outside of trail running, I endurance SUP, rock climb, golf, slackline, trampoline, and if there is a better juggler in town I would like to meet them.