Upchuck 50K

Please, oh please don’t sign up for this race and expect to be catered to with lots of goodies and swag and stuff that you may or may not think are cool, but surely will toss in the landfill days or weeks later. This is first and foremost a wilderness single track ultra trail race. That is what you are signing up for and that is precisely what you will get. Aid is minimal and if you run off course you will likely never be found. If you have a history of roaming off course you should bring a cell phone, but if you decide to use that phone for a non-emergency call, you will be attacked by the locals and never heard from again. This all may sound sort of grim, but there is a significant upside. This could very well be the finest 50K course in all the land. It has wicked climbs and crippling descents into Soddy Creek, Possum Creek and Rock Creek. It will, without a doubt, go down in the race log as one of the best 50k courses you will ever do, and we will cook you a burger at the end. Expect nothing more, and do not even think of making this your 1st ultra.

Membership to Wild Trails at the Wild Access level ($100 and above) earns a 10% discount. Click HERE for details.

  • Date

    Saturday, November 9th, 2024

  • Start Time

    8:00am EST Start - (Meet at Finish area and the bus leaves for Start @ 7:30am)

  • Location

    Soddy Daisy - Race Finish/Start

Time until
Upchuck 50K