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This is a program aimed at helping our neighbors, friends and family initiate and/or continue a consistent and lasting fitness program. The goal is simple…to travel 200 mile under one’s own power using any form of transportation or fitness activity as long as it an aerobic activity.

Target Audience:

Anyone, any age who can move under their own power. Walkers, runners, hikers, bikers, climbers, swimmers, paddlers, baby stroller pushers, golfers (no carts), tennis players, crossfitters, aerobic team sports, wheelchair pilots, hula hoopers and even unicycle nuts.


Start at any time. Record and track your progress on the Wild Trails website. Once you record 200 miles, you’re in the club. You can compare how you are doing with your friends and family. In order to make it as equal as possible for all activities, we will do some simple math for you as follows: swimmers miles are multiplied by 4, bike miles are divided by 4, 18 holes of golf equals seven miles and for all other aerobic sports or aerobic activities 7 minutes equals one mile.

Tracking/Entering Your Miles:

Periodically (we suggest about once a week) enter your Club Miles using the 200 Mile Club Mileage Entry Form.

For daily tracking there are several easy to use apps for both Android and iPhone phones that can help with tracking your activities (both paid and free apps). A few that we’ve used and recommend looking at are ViewRanger, Strava, Endomondo and MapMyRun.


All club members will be rewarded with a membership card that will get you discounts all over town. Each Spring we all meet at Lula Lake to camp out (optional) and the next morning complete a 5K or 15K trail hike or run on a well marked course with a BBQ celebration afterwards. Sign up for the Nature Calls 5K & 15K 200 Mile Club Celebration!


We are of course hoping to raise enough money to cover our costs, so we will happily accept donations, but there is no minimum registration fee. There will be a small charge for the 5K/15K/ BBQ event.

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