3 Ways to Add a Run into Your Long Weekend


Whether you are a weekend warrior or a daily trainer, a runner who likes short and speedy runs, or a hiker who is in for the scenery as much as the exercise; Chattanooga has many ways for you to enjoy the wonderful outdoors. Here are a couple of events that will challenge you regardless of your goals.

Saturday, August 30
Here is a group run for those who like running on the road. It leaves from the downtown YMCA. It\’s early, maybe you should pick up some espresso GU.

6:30 too damn early? Here\’s another group road run that leaves from the downtown Sports Barn. Get in upto 10 miles on this early morning road run.

StumpJump Training Run. If you haven\’t registered for the StumpJump because you haven\’t been training, now is your chance to rectify both. This training run is out to Mushroom Rock and then to Suck Creek Road and back. It\’s summer outside, don\’t forget to take hydration! Once you get back from the run don\’t forget to register for the StumpJump. Race day is October 4.

Saturday or Sunday
Not interested in a group run or hike? No worries! Chattanooga is known for its extensive network of trails. Not sure where to run? Again, not an issue—head over to RootsRated to find the best trail for the amount of time you have and the level of difficulty you\’re interested in tackling. Don\’t forget to let someone know you\’re heading out on a run.

Running is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors, but don\’t forget—it\’s summer and it\’s hot! Make sure you prepare for your runs with water to hydrate, clothing to protect from the sun, and sufficient bug protection. We\’ll see you on the trails!