How to Break a Sweat with a Zip-line

\"zipline\" \"staircase\"

Last Wednesday, June 25th, Randy Whorton and Shane Shelton of the Wild Trails crew worked at North Chickamauga Creek to put in a new stone staircase down to one of the many swimming holes along North Chickamauga creek.

The parking lot for the North Chickamauga Creek Segment has been closed all of June for maintenance and repair on the trails. This segment has experienced a lot of erosion due to unauthorized trails being made down to the creek.

Wild Trails built a stone staircase from the main trail down to the creek at one of the more popular swimming holes, using a clever pulley system strung over the creek that allowed Randy and Shane to haul and position rocks that weighed 500 to 600lbs.

Once the work was done they partook in a little zipline fun with the setup to end the day.

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