The Day I Became Mountain Biker- Scottie\’s Hills


Sourced from Scottie\’s Hills


About 6 months ago, I hauled my 17 year old green steel Trek up Signal Mountain in my 4runner, and pointed the zero-suspension, hybrid tires equipped bike down a set of old jeep trails.  I struggled down the trails, squealing my brakes frantically and falling off frequently, hoping my bike wouldn’t fall to pieces under me.  I will call this my first mountain bike ride.  Two weeks ago, a couple of friends and I scrounged up some mountain bikes and whisked down the narrow singletrack trails of Stringers Ridge. Ride number two.  Last Friday, we went out to Enterprise South Nature Park and smiled all the way down the “Log Rhythm” biking trail.  Ride number three.  This morning, we went back and competed in our first mountain bike race. A duathlon to be exact.  A 2 mile trail run, followed by a grueling 10 miles up and down the rolling hills of Enterprise South.

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