Running With A Pack – Summer Group Runs in Chattanooga


Why Run With A Group?

We all have those days when we just need to get outside and clear our heads with a run. Those cathartic releases are great but more often than not, many runners find it difficult to stay consistently motivated on their own. In times like this, being part of a running group can help keep you on track. One of the beautiful things about our city is that you can find a group to run with on nearly every day of the week. Whether you\’re an experienced trail runner or just getting started here are four ways that running with a group can benefit you and how to find running groups in Chattanooga this Summer!

4 Benefits Of Group Runs

  1. Accountability – Sometimes all it takes is knowing that someone else is expecting us to be there to stay on track. Sometimes we\’re the ones helping others be consistent. Either way, running with a group is a perfect way to stay motivated throughout the year.
  2. Safety – At least this one thing that your parents told you as a teenager still applies–there\’s safety in numbers. Whether you\’re running in the city or out on the trails, it\’s always easier to handle whatever wildlife and unexpected obstacles you may come across as a group rather than on your own. Group runs are also great for making sure everyone who starts a run is accounted for at the end.
  3. New Tips/Techniques – There\’s always something new to learn with running. Groups provide excellent opportunities for runners to share information with each other on gear, running techniques, training methods, etc. Being part of a running group benefits both experienced and beginning runners alike.
  4. Camaraderie – It doesn\’t take long for friendships to form when you\’re sharing the experience of running together out on the trails or across the bridges of Chattanooga. If you\’re looking to meet some new people or simply have fun while doing something good for your health, joining one of the many local running groups is right up your alley.

Running Groups In Chattanooga

Whether you\’re in the middle of a training plan or scoping out some Fall Races, now is a perfect time to plug in with the many running groups around our city. You\’ll find several groups linked below with the times, dates, and locations where they meet to get you started.

Hope to see you at the next group run!

Photo Credit: Chris Levan, Scenic City Trail Runners