Salomon CITYTRAIL Chattanooga 2015 Race Preview

Salomon CityTrail Chattanooga

Runner Interview With Eunice Campbell


The Salomon CITYTRAIL Chattanooga 10K & 30K race is coming up on Saturday, September 19th. With a course traversing historic Chattanooga landmarks across the city, off the beaten path urban locations, and amazing trails within the city limits this race offers a perspective like none other of The Best Town Ever–Chattanooga, TN. Registration is now open for the Salomon CITYTRAIL Chattanooga race and to give you a heads up on what to expect we\’ve interviewed 2014 CITYTRAIL Runner, Eunice Campbell. Many thanks to Eunice for taking the time to share her experience and perspective on this exciting race!

Eunice, tell us a little about yourself–who you are and why you love running?

I am a crazy working mother with four children. Two girls and two boys. My girls are 15 and 13. My boys are 12 and 7. Yes, I have a caboose. I am an Occupational Therapist and I work full time at Soddy Daisy HealthCare Center. I love helping people and I love working with the elderly. Why do I run? I run because I am a crazy mom of four kids! I need me time! I think I find myself when I run and running brings me happiness. I find happiness in the woods and in meeting new and amazing people. I want to show my kids that if you work really hard at something you can do anything. You can go the distance! I never really thought of myself as an athlete and now I think of myself as a runner. The people I have met along the way are the most amazing part of the journey.

What made the CITYTRAIL race different from other races you have run?

CITYTRAIL is different from a traditional road race and different from a trail race. The course challenges you on a variety of surfaces ranging from asphalt, gravel, cobblestone, grass, turf, and dirt. Truly a super fun experience. I was perfect wearing road shoes for the race because the trails on Stringers Ridge are not too technical and just a wee bit hilly…


Everything You Need To Know About CITYTRAIL Chattanooga 2015


Date: Saturday, September 19, 2015

Start Time: Both races start at 10am EST

Cost: 30K $65 ($75 after Aug 14), 10K $45 ($55 after Aug 14)

Location: Chattanooga, TN – Start/Finish at Renaissance Park

Register HERE

CITYTRAIL Race Details Document

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Elevate Your Run with CITYTRAIL Routes by Salomon

Discover Chattanooga and other cities around the world in a whole new way through the CITYTRAIL routes by Salomon! All over the world Salomon is bringing running communities together through group runs and fundraising events. Mapping multiple courses on trails and roads so that you may freely explore your city in the best way…though running. Wild Trails teamed up with Salomon last year to create the Salomon CITYTRAIL Chattanooga race. It\’s a hybrid trail and road running event that takes place during RiverRocks, the region\’s premier outdoor festival. Registration is open, and you can sign up now.

Find our Chattanooga city guides along with many others around the world. When paired with the CITYTRAIL App, your phone can guide you to roads, trails, and experiences you might have never found before. If you are ever out of town, these are great routes!


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