Salomon Wild Trails Race Series Points Race Winners 2014


The StumpJump 50k and 11 Mile Race, part of the Salomon Wild Trails Race Series, marks the first race in the Points Race. Each year, runners who participate in at least 3 races in the trail series are automatically entered into the Points Race. Each person in the Race is given points based on their times and the winning time. The overall scoring is based on the individual runner\’s four best performances in the series.

As the StumpJump marks the beginning of the next year\’s point race, it also is the time when last year\’s winners are awarded. There are six age categories and a male and female runner can win in each category. In addition to the 6 age categories, we also give the Forrest Gump Award to the runners who have completed the most races under the respective time limits. We would like to congratulate the winners of the the 2013/2014 Salomon Wild Trails Race Series Points Race:

19 and Under
Male: No one qualified
Female: No one qualified

Male: John Wiygul
Female: Erin Hannen

Male: Nathan Holland
Female: Kelly Dreibelis

Male: Eric Loffland
Female: Eunice Campbell

Male: Jeffrey Jordan
Female: No one qualified

60 and over
Male: Curt Zacharias
Female: No one qualified

Forrest Gump Award: Kevin Boucher

This year\’s first race, StumpJump 50k and 11-mile race is October 4. There is still time to register to be in the running for the 2014/2015 Points Race.

The trail race series is directed by Wild Trails, a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation driven to protect, preserve and expand our local trails and support anyone that uses them. The goal of the series is to encourage participation in trail running and racing in the Chattanooga area, to have some friendly competition, and to reward perseverance.