Salomon Trail Series Points Race Rules & Scoring

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Did you know that the StumpJump 50k & 11-mile Race, part of the Salomon Trail Series, marks the beginning of our Trail Series points race? It\’s true—every year, Wild Trails gives awards to those runners who have accumulated the most points over the past year. As with any contest, there are rules; continue reading to find out how to crush it this year in the Points Race.

Points Race Rules and Scoring

There is no entry form or fee to participate. When you finish one of these races, you are automatically entered. Every time you finish a race in the series you receive points. The sum of your highest four (4) scores determines your score for the series. Your age group for the series will be your age on the first race in the series.


1. Men and women 19 and under
2. Men and women 20 to 29
3. Men and women 30 to 39
4. Men and women 40 to 49
5. Men and women 50 to 59
6. Men and women 60 and over

The Forrest Gump Award – For the runners who have completed the most races under the respective time limits.


The Race Series consists of 8 events including 13 separate races, in the following order.

StumpJump 50K and 11 Mile 1st Sat in Oct
Lookout Mountain 50 Mile and 10K 3rd Sat in Dec
River Gorge 10.2 and 6.5 Mile 4th Sat in Mar
Scenic City Marathon and ½ Marathon 3rd Sat in May
Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race 3rd weekend in Jun (60 miles over 3 days)
Still Hollow ½ Marathon and 10K 1st Sat in Aug

Scoring System:

The scoring is based on the race distance, and on your time compared to the winning time. The winning time for the race is divided by your time and that percentage is multiplied by the race distance in miles. Points are calculated separately for the men\’s and women\’s races. Men use the men\’s winning time, and women use the women\’s winning time to calculate points.

For Example: In 2011 Natalie Sims ran 5:54:00 at the Upchuck 50K race. Natalie would score 31 points for the race. Second place female, Sally Brooking ran 6:13:20. Sally’s score for the race would be as follows: Natalie’s winning time (354 minutes) divided by Sally’s time (373.33) = .948 times 31 (the mileage) = 29.39 points.
You will be counted as a series participant once you have completed two races and your score will make you eligible for awards once you complete at least three races in the series.


Awards are given for first place in each of the following age group categories.

Under 20

How to Qualify:

You must have run at least three races to qualify. Awards will be announced before StumpJump 50K & 11 Mile the first Saturday in October.


We are so excited to have you participate in the Salomon Trail Series benefiting Wild Trails. We would like to extend the invitation to you to help give back to the sport by volunteering to help with an event or by doing trail work. Please contact us to lend a hand. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

The goal of the series is to encourage participation in trail running and racing in the Chattanooga area and to have some friendly competition and reward perseverance. If you have questions or comments, please Contact Us.

Current Standings:

For a list of current standings, check Ultra Signup.

The trail race series is directed by Wild Trails, a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation driven to protect, preserve and expand our local trails and support anyone that uses them.