What Is Wild Trails

Courtesy of Rock/Creek


Wild Trails mission statement:
Encourage and promote healthy and active lifestyle through trail running and other forms of outdoor recreation and advocate to protect/preserve land (natural spaces) used for such activity.

How Does Wild Trails carry out its mission:
Educate the public on the physical, emotional, and social benefits of trail running and other forms of outdoor recreation and the role it can play in contributing to increased community health and wellness and enhanced quality of life. Provide resources that make individuals aware of the trail systems available for use in the Chattanooga area. Plan events and assist in developing social networks that will help ease stigmas and fears commonly associated with the outdoors and encourage individuals to get outside and on the trails. Organize and facilitate a quality trail race series with races ranging from short to ultra distances in order to appeal to a wide range of individuals, from children, to the most leisurely walker/jogger to the most competitive runner. Develop a trail maintenance program and partner with existing trail maintenance programs to assist in preserving some of our region\’s most precious natural spaces, and educate the public as to the role they must play in preserving these natural spaces for generations to come. Expand the network of trails by working with land owners and park managers to gain access to existing trails and obtain permission to build new trails.

A brief history of Wild Trails
In the late fall of 2006, a group of trail runners and trail advocates formed the Wilderness Trail Running Association (a 501(c)(4) corporation), also known as The Boonies. The main mission was to conduct trail races and give all the proceeds to land conservation entities. In 2007, The Boonies introduced a trail marathon in May, a three day stage-race in June, and a 50k in November. In 2008, The Boonies assisted Southern Adventist University in organizing the Southern 6k in February, added a 100k in December, and continued to put other races on the calendar. Early work on the strategic plan called for re-evaluating the name of the organization to allow for an expanding mission and future growth.  The board voted on a new name in January – Wild Trails.  On February 10, 2010 the Wild Trails was awarded 501 (c)(3) status as a subordinate of the Road Runners Club of America.