Wild Trails volunteer party coming up on July 19!


Missy Emerling has so graciously opened up her home and pool for a summer Wild Trails party. The improving and increasingly popular pizza oven will be set up next to the pool. We\’ll also have burgers and an open grill if you wish to bring your own protein.  And of course, we will have a plethora of beverage choices.

We can\’t thank you enough for your help in making the first half of 2014 a huge success and do hope to see you next week. If you know somebody who volunteered and might not see this post, please pass the invitation along!


Wild Trails Summer Volunteer Party
Saturday, July 19
5:00-10:00 p.m.
660 East Crest Rd 37404


(due to big and energetic dogs and the pool, no children please)