7 Saturdays of Challenge Beginning August 2nd

Randy Whorton is raising money to help bring awareness and people to the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Riverfront Nights is in it 9th year on the Chattanooga riverfront. The weekly, Saturday night event \”focuses on local people and institutions who promote healthy lifestyles, sustainable development/business practices and, of course, an intense love of outdoor, adrenaline producing recreation.\” Riverfront Nights begins this Saturday, August 2. The beer is served at 6:30 and the shows begin around 7PM.

But before the show, around 4:30 in the afternoon…

We are excited to announce this year we\’re partnering with Riverfront Nights for the Riverfront Nights/Wild Trails Challenge sponsored by L2. L2 (Live Life Outside) is one of Chattanooga\’s stand up paddle board providers located right on the Tennessee River at Market Street and East First Street. Each of the seven Saturday nights\’ challenge will begin with a free shuttle leaving from Ross\’s Landing at 4:30PM. The shuttle will take you and your board or boat to the Chickamauga Dam. From there, it\’s a 7-mile paddle trip to the Wild Trails corner at Ross\’s Landing.

Perhaps, you\’re not interested in a 7-mile trip, but would enjoy a shorter 2-mile paddle around Maclellan Island. Perfect, that begins at 5:30 and leaves from Ross\’s Landing.

If paddling is not your thing, no need to worry. We also have events for runners. We have a 5k road run that begins at 5:30PM or an 8-mile run that is 1/2 road and 1/2 trail (Stringers Ridge) that begins at 5:00PM. Both running events leave from Ross\’s Landing.

Whather you enjoy paddling on the river or running on road/trail, we have an event for you. Join us over the next 7 weeks and enjoy the cammeraderie and fun on the Riverfront. Over the course of 7 weeks, there will be prizes given for those whose times improve the most (while, we will not be recording your time for you, we will be happy to keep track of it).

Riverfront Nights Commercial