Trail tree down 1

This is a simple, grass roots program where the caretaker of the trail travels (or bribes someone to travel) their trail at least once per month. Any problems observed, i.e., down trees, erosion, dead bodies etc. are to either be taken care of by the caretaker or communicated back to the group so that we all can schedule a trail work day. Only one caviat, all chain saw work must be done by a Wild Trail certified sawyer. We have 13 in town now and with that we should get out there soon. Simple thing, everybody wins. The company and individual gains trail support exposure with relatively little effort and we all get better trails. Please email Randy Whorton with any updates to this list, work hours or individuals or companies that are willing to participate in this effort ([email protected]). Visit the Adopt-A-Trail page to see who is doing what and page 2 there will show what trails are available to adopt.