Chattanooga: A Top-10 city for Mountain Biking in North America

Raccoon MTB top 10

According to Singletracks Mountain Bike Blog, Chattanooga can more than hold its own against LA, Vancouver and Colorado Springs.

This comes with a minor caveat due to the selection process, but it\’s still a noteworthy honor:

We began by limiting our choices to the top 100 metropolitan statistical areas in the United States. And, if a Canadian city was to make the list, it would have to be large enough to make it into the US’s top 100. Unfortunately, limiting our choices in this way means that there are dozens of smaller towns with fantastic mountain biking that don’t qualify. (Bend, Oregon comes to mind.)

Chattanooga \”squeaks in at #99\” on the list of top 100 cities, so we\’re lucky to have made the cut. That said, we are deserving of our ranking:

  • 101 miles of singletrack
  • All within 15 miles of downtown
  • Flow trails, technical singletrack, and ripping descents

If you\’re looking to expand your MTB horizon, head to the Trek Bicycle Store Chattanooga for guidance and gear. Then, hit some of the top 10 trails in the country!

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