What\’s your relationship to tech?


If you\’re like many athletes — or if you just enjoy expensive, shiny things — then you probably have one (or more) GPS-enabled devices. These things are great for recording your routes, tracking your achievements, and having honest-to-God proof that yes, you did run the extra credit loop, thankyouverymuch. 

But have you ever found yourself too invested in it? Angry? Betrayed? Spiteful?

Consider this Trail Runner Magazine column: How Taking a GPS is Like Taking a Lover

The author makes a wonderful point — that tech toys are a bonus, not a necessity:

Our tools should propel us forward, not hold us back.

Running technology should worry about the details so we don’t have to, clearing our minds to drink in the scenery and stay in the moment. It should help us share a particularly beautiful route with friends and help us plot our next adventure together. It should teach us to be more aware of our bodies and motivate us to do our best.

So think about how you use your GPS. Is it more like a trekking pole — or a crutch? 

If you answered \”crutch,\” then you might want to leave it at home the next few times you hit the trails. Your mind and body will thank you!


Photo credit: DCRainmaker 

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