How to finish your first 100-mile trail race

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At noon on May 16, runners will take their first steps of the first-annual Thunder Rock 100 Mile Trail Race.  If it\’s your first 100-mile trail race, you\’ll need to prepare for challenges — both mental and physical — like you\’ve never faced before.

Luckily, UltraRunning Magazine has published this great checklist of 100-mile preparations for first-timers.

Highlights of their list (which focuses chiefly on mental preparation) include:

  • Have positive mantras to lean on
  • Be prepared to suffer for a day — rather than regret not finishing for months
  • Enjoy it while it lasts

These are also useful tips for runners who have run 100-milers before — because over the course of 24+ hours, even the best-laid plans can go awry. So take this advice to heart; there will always be a time when you could use a back-up plan.

Visit to read the entire list — and get ready to tackle Thunder Rock!