Wild Trails grant expands access to Castle Rock climbing

Build it and they will come

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition used a $2,000 grant from Wild Trails to improve access to the Castle Rock area in Jasper, TN.

Castle Rock\’s former top parking area was plagued by dumping and signage destruction, and the access trail was very difficult to follow due minimal use and spider trails from 4x4s and ATVs.

To fix these issues, the SCC has abandoned its top parking area — and has used the Wild Trails grant to help negotiate a new parking area and access trail with the bottom land owner. The new parking lot and trail have eliminated the access problems that have plagued Castle Rock for years and provide simple, reliable, and safe access to this incredible climbing resource of the greater Chattanooga area.

So far:

  1. The most difficult and time-consuming part of the project has been completed. The new lease for the improved Castle Rock parking area and access trail has been approved by the SCC and the land owner, Ms. Phillips. Since the annual lease has been negotiated, Ms. Phillips has received payment, and the project is now underway.
  2. The parking area has been cleared, graded and graveled.
  3. SCC held a trail day to erect a kiosk and signage.
  4. A second trail day saw the construction of the new access trail.
  5. The updates are being promoted on the SCC website.
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Castle Rock offers some of the tallest, most exposed face climbing in the Chattanooga area. It contains about 50 high-quality sport and trad climbing routes, plus a small boulder field.