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Thanks to The Chattanoogan for the great write up about our type of party. This shindig was on the 28th of January but we\’re always hosting others! Keep your eyes out and come party with us…all for a good cause.

Radio personality Jeff Styles is hosting a \”Chain Saw Party\” at his home on Lewis Chapel Mountain on Saturday as a creative way to help clean up after a recent fierce storm.

He said. \”You’ve heard of taking lemons and making lemonade. Turning chicken manure into chicken salad?

\”How about turning storm debris into a rare training opportunity?

\”With the byproducts of the effort flowing into and through the world of locally produced art, weather safety/preparedness AND, in the end, simply produce a good, plain, old-fashioned “THANK YOU” to a group that rarely receives one?

\”Well, THAT is the end result, the core theme and central concept behind this Saturday’s “Chain Saw Party” at the home of local media personality…TalkRadio morning man Jeff Styles.

This first-of-its-kind convergence, out in the boonies and high atop the peak known by locals as “Lewis Chapel Mountain”, will attempt to kill numerous birds with one, day-long stone’s throw.

Styles’ home, as well as many of his neighbors, fell victim to the EF2 Tornado that ripped through the area on Nov. 27. While his home was mostly (thankfully) spared, the heavily wooded 10 acre plot of old growth trees was decimated…with well over two dozen trees ripped up, snapped off, twisted into knots and more than a few left dangerously dangling over pathways heavily trafficked by his family and pets.

\”Enter Randy Whorton, who, along with his wife Kris, founded Wild Trails a decade ago, bringing the burgeoning sport to Chattanooga and turning into our stomping grounds into the heart of the southeast’s best-known and continually growing off-road races: “The Stump Jump”, “Upchuck 50K”, and the newest, “Thunder Rock 100 Miler” among others…[READ MORE]

Source: The Chattanoogan Happenings

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