A Profile on Wild Trails\’ Randy Whorton


For a kid who didn’t grow up running, Randy Whorton sure has made a career — and a life — out of it. Entering his 4th year as Director of Wild Trails, and his 54th year on earth, he continues to make big plans that revolve around our thirst for adventure.

Randy was born and raised outside of Boulder, CO, and was immediately thrust into the outdoors. “I basically had the Flatirons as a backyard,” he says. “I remember coming face to face with a bear.”

His parents were substituting backpacking trips for more “normal” (expensive) vacations when Randy was just 6. His first big trip came at 8 years old, and though it may have dissuaded his younger sister from pursuing a life in the outdoors, it sticks in Randy’s memory.

What followed was a young adulthood spent outdoors: more backpacking trips; climbing Fourteeners with his father; farming; rock climbing. “I’m sure they would have had me drugged up if I was a kid these days,” he says. He even played every high school sport available.

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