SUP the State 2015 | Day Six | Chickamauga Lake

Day Six – October 4, 2015 – Chickamauga Lake

7:40am – Going to be a great day. I loved the day in the rain but I’m ready for some sun. Please come join me for dam to downtown.


9:10am – First fall since Powell River rapids on day one. Big waves out in the channel. Way fun. Heading back out.


11:30am – I’m sick with the fact that I lost the Wild Trails GoPro today. Awesome day otherwise.


2:15pm – Not all hope lost with GoPro. Paid this nice young man 29 bucks to go look and another 29 and case of favorite beer if he find it.


2:30pm – Insult to injury. Losing the GoPro camera was not enough. Went back down in the middle of the channel. Now I have a few bruised ribs. Not bad, I think. Really fun stuff.


3:00pm – Cruising down the middle of the channel near Harrison Bay State Park.


4:00pm – Pulled up at the Chickamauga Dam to some familiar faces and followers of this trip. Glad to see everyone.


5:00pm – Smooth water, a few boats, and lots of fishing from the shore below the Chickamauga Dam heading to downtown Chattanooga.


5:30pm – Passing under the bridges of the ‘Scenic City’ in downtown Chattanooga, TN.

SUP the State Day 6

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