SUP the State 2015 | Day Seven | Tennessee River


Day Seven – October 5, 2015 – Tennessee River & Nickajack Lake

8:00am -Two beaver sightings in the first 20 minutes. Looks like sun for a change.


8:20am – Spectacular morning.


8:30am – Cool.


9:15am – The barge has been the only boat I\’ve seen.


9:50am – Edwards Point.


10:50am – Yes, that is volleyball in the Tennessee River.


11:00am – One of these big vessels causes more unnatural erosion than 50 ski or bass boats.


11:40am – TVA Raccoon Mountain pumped storage plant.


11:50am – Tennessee Wall.


1:10pm – Sweet place on the river.


1:40pm – Mullins Cove…view from sweet place.


1:50pm – Nickajack Lake.


2:00pm – A calm, quiet day. Only a few boats.



2:40pm – Chattajack course in 6:44. Not bad considering.


3:30pm – Nickajack Dam just before the finish.


4:00pm – Done. What a fantastic trip!


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