Big tree cleared from Upper Truck Trail

Tree 1

A tree down across a popular trail is about as well-received as a high-school bully at the 10-year reunion.  Luckily, it\’s easier to get rid of the tree.

This behemoth was cleared off of the Upper Truck Trail yesterday by Samuel Hammonds and Wild Trails director Randy Whorton.

Randy says, \”This one was difficult and rather dangerous, not only due to the size and that it was high off the trail, but part of the root ball was still in the ground — which caused a weird twisting spring force up the trunk.\”



Hammonds and Whorton cut this 32\” diameter tree using a saw with a 20\” bar. Wild Trails has 13 certified sawyers (chain saw operators) that have been approved by the National Park and 5 other land conservation organizations in the area, to clear trees.


Now it\’s smooth sailing again! Thanks to Samuel, Randy and all other volunteers for making our trail system better every day.