Wild Trails and Chattanooga on Operation:Ultra podcast


Randy Whorton, director of Wild Trails, was invited to discuss Chattanooga\’s trails, the running community, the boom of ultrarunning, and his role in developing some of the nation\’s most highly regarded events.

During the podcast (Randy\’s interview starts around 8:00), he outlined the different types of terrain that make Chattanooga such a great trail running destination. There are 56 trailheads within half an hour of downtown — a nationwide record, by our count.

He also talked about Wild Trails\’ role in developing and maintaining trails, as well as providing community outreach.

\”Getting people out on trails…..with like-minded people, in nature — the time goes by faster and it really starts to make a spark a lot better than any other activity that I\’ve been able to find,\” Whorton said.

Click here to listen to more of Randy explaining why trails are the key to us collectively having fun and staying healthy.